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The Crystal Foundation

“During the past 17 years, Dr. Yarish and his medical team have made around 35 mission trips to rural Mexico to perform life changing surgery for children…. Cleft lip and palate anomalies have robbed their young patients of the chance to smile, or whistle, or to have their words be understood. These congenital anomalies are particularly common in the mountainous, and rural areas of Mexico, and it is difficult for the Mexican government to take care of all the affected children. The surgery allows children to breathe, speak, hear, and swallow correctly. They’re saved from malnutrition and lifelong disabilities. Just as profound, the outward results of the surgery translate into self-esteem and protect children from isolation, exclusion, and embarrassment caused by their physical appearance.”

Delaware Africa Coalition

“Founded in 2015, the Delaware Africa Coalition emerged out of the need to establish an effective framework to harness the vibrant energy and enormous amounts of resources within the constituent communities in the Delaware Valley. It is a coalition of the willing, who recognize that their geographical origins notwithstanding, the present American governance system views and treats them as the same, and as such they want to relate and celebrate their identity as one people of African descent.”

Delaware Center for Homeless Vets

“Founded in 2009 by US Veteran David Mosley, the Delaware Center for Homeless Veterans provides housing and supportive services to homeless Veterans in the state of Delaware.
By working with the local VA and other area and national non-profits, our goal is to help Veterans reintegrate into the community in a positive and lasting way and eradicate homelessness among Veterans in Delaware completely.”

Brandywine Counseling

“BCCS is a welcoming and innovative organization that contributes to stronger communities. We enhance quality of life by creatively providing Education, Prevention, Early Intervention, Treatment, and Justice-Involved Services. It is with integrity that we promote hope and empowerment to persons and families touched by mental illness, substance use, HIV and multiple occurring diagnosis, and their related challenges.”

Wilmington Reclamation & Development Corp

“The CORE Reclamation and Development Group (CORE) is six independent companies with common ownership dedicated to the redevelopment of old industrial sites. CORE believes it is far better to recycle these old properties rather than destroy existing open spaces in order to build tomorrow’s business parks and commercial facilities.”